XiYuan Hotel Beijing

Friday, March 15-16, 2002


1.      General


The first ANCER Managing Subcommittee Meeting was held in March 15, 2002 at the XiYuan Hotel, Beijing China. There attended Prof. S.P. Chang, the president, Prof. G.C. Lee the president-elect, Prof. X. Z. Qi, the secretary/treasurer and Dr. S.C. Lee, the Advisor. Prof. J. K. Kim, the Deputy Director of KEERC, attended the meeting as an observer.

The committee discussed on the several important issues such as admission of new center members, obligations of ANCER center members, annual meetings, fund raising, multilateral joint research among ANCER center members, the first ANCER meeting at Harbin, member center problem in Japan, ANCER Journal and new ideas for the future of ANCER development.


2.      Decisions and recommendations


2.1. Recruit/Admission of new center members

1. Eventually, but gradually ANCER should be open to the all the countries in Asian-Pacific Region.

2. New members will be admitted according to the nomination procedure stipulated in Section 3 of ANCER Operation Plans and Guiding Principles.

3. For the time being the Board Members will make effort to recruit new member centers deemed to be appropriate for development of ANCER. Especially applications from Japan need be encouraged.


2.2. Obligations and responsibilities of member centers

1. Member centers should pay the membership fee specified in the Section 3 of ANCER Operation Plans and Guiding Principles. The fee is to cover the operation expense of ANCER.

2. Member center will have to host the annual meeting in turn.



2.3. Annual meetings

1. Member center will have to host the annual meeting in turn.

2. It may have to be held once a year. The board meeting will be held during this annual meeting

3. The host of the meeting may have to develop new and creative ideas on the format of the meeting.

4. The annual meeting should encourage the cooperation among ANCER member centers.


2.4.  Fund Raising/Joint Researches

1. The member directors are urged to provide their ideas on the fund raising.

2. Member center directors also asked to give ideas on the cooperative research project topics and activities. They may have to be appropriate to get fund from international organizations and government agencies of the member center countries. The possible areas of cooperation are development of regional earthquake preparedness; urban earthquake preparedness; post earthquake reconstruction and recovery, education for the developing countries and development seismic design standards or codes for the Asian-Pacific regions.

3. Prof. S.P. Chang proposed to make a proposal on the multilateral joint research to the Korea Ministry of Science and Technology (KMOST). Now the KMOST is soliciting international cooperative research proposals. The deadline is April 30, 2002. The participants may have to get matching fund and write short proposals. More specifics will be sent to the directors, if they are interested in. Member centers will be asked to suggest their ideas on the research topics.

4. Prof. S.P. Chang reported that the use of UNDP or APEC fund will require a lot of paper work without much merit.


2.5. The first ANCER meeting at Harbin

1. Member center directors are urged to make effort to make the first ANCER meeting a very successful event.

2. The ANCER meeting will be held on the August 17.

3.       In the morning, the president ANCER will give presentation on the foundation and future vision of ANCER. It will be followed by the 30-minute presentation of each center directors. The presentation may have to include the mission of the center and future research plan etc.

4.  In the afternoon there will be held the first Board Meeting. The new member center applicants will make presentation before the Board.

2.6. ANCER Journal

1. Concerns were raised on the publication of ANCER journal. There are opinions that launching a Journal may not be appropriate as and ANCER activity. The Advisor pointed out that there is no scientific journal on the smart structures in the Asian-Pacific region. He stressed that to be successful ANCER may need its own journal.

2. The Board of members will have to make decision on this issue at Harbin meeting.


2.7. Member center problem in Japan

1. The president will ask DPRI to make recommendation on the board member representing DPRI. Currently DPRI recommended two persons: Prof. Sato and Prof. Nakashima. But only one person can represent DPRI in Japan. DPRI should designate a single contact point for the communication with ANCER.

2. DPRI should be asked to publicize ANCER in Japan and encourage and organize Japanese participation in the ANCER activities.

3. DPRI should be asked to recommend or nominated new member centers from Japan.

4. DPRI should make effort to locate new funding source for ANCER activities.


2.8. New ideas for the future development of ANCER

1. The advisor suggested a demonstrative project such as education program. ANCER may provide instructors to such program. He also recommended the development regional standards as an appropriate demonstrative project.

2.  The president recommended student exchange program such as one developed by Prof Spencer in Nortel Dame.