Asian Pacific Network of Centers for Earthquake     Engineering Research (ANCER) is Established


     Asian Pacific Network of Centers for Earthquake Engineering Research (ANCER) has been founded in October 2001. It is a unique international nonprofit, professional organization consisting of 7 national centers on earthquake engineering in the Asian-Pacific region. The objective of ANCER is to coordinate limited resources in the respective countries to develop and implement, on a coop­erative, center-to-center basis, innovative engineering methods and new enabling technologies that are  optimal to design, construct, maintain, manage and renew the built environment for reduced seismic hazard. The founding members of ANCER are: “Korea Earthquake Engineering Research Center”, “Institute of Engineering Mechanics of China Seismological Bureau of China”, “Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research of USA”, “Mid-America Earthquake Center of USA”, ”Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center of USA”, “Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University of Japan”, and “Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Chinese Taipei”. The first president of ANCER is Professor S.P. Chang of Korea Earthquake Engineering Research. Professoe Qi Xiao-Zhai of Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China is the Secretary General of ANCER and Dr. Shih-Chi Liu of NSF  is the Advisor. To achieve its goal ANCER will pursue those activities as follows: exchange of research plans; exchange of data and information; networking of experimental facilities; exchange of research personnel; organize workshops and seminars; promote cooperative research projects; and launch the publication of a high quality journal of international standards related to the smart structure technologies and earthquake and other natural disaster mitigation. In year 2002, ANCER  will support  an international conference on future challenges in earthquake engineering, to be held back-to-back in Harbin and Hong Kong, China. ANCER plans to expand its membership during and after this conference.  Currently ANCER is headquarted at KEERC (