The Nomination Procedure

    All members of ANCER are earthquake engineering research centers of national, regional, or international stature from the Asia Pacific rim countries.
    To become an ANCER member
 To become a member center, joint nomination by a minimum of two existing members will be required. Approval by the seven-member Board with no more than two negative votes is necessary. There are no individual members in ANCER, but only center directors or their designees representing the centers.
 Nominations of an earthquake engineering research center should include the research themes, evidences of the Center stature and magnitude of current Center operation (e.g., funding, researchers, staff, etc.).
  ANCER center members are to pay an annual membership fee to cover the basic operating cost of the center (communications, publications, travel, etc. and as seed funding for certain purposes authorized by the Board). During the Phase I (2001-2004) no salaries and wages for ANCER officers and/or support persons will be budgeted. It is expected that the officers will donate or find additional support to cover salaries and wages devoted to ANCER business, depending on the President¡¯s discretion and the viable funding sources that he or she develops.